So obviously, here in Italia, gelato is kind of a thing. I mean maybe they sell it some places. ( HAHA JUST KIDDING THERE ARE SERIOUSLY PROBABLY 3 GELATERIE ON EVERY BLOCK….) It’s really great. Some are better/ more authentic than others, but don’t worry, I plan on trying them all, and I thought I could update you on them!
So far I believe we have tried four different places in Arezzo and two places in Florence (yeah…). Some flavors include pesca (peach), fragola (strawberry), nutella, nocciola (hazelnut), cioccolato, caffe, melone (melon), and stracciatella (sort of a chocolate chip ice cream counterpart). With the amount of intense movement work and the walk up and down the hill into the town center I think we all deserve to try every gelato place and flavor.
Right now, my favorite may be a combination of a caffe flavor with one of the chocolates.

This picture is from our first gelato here at “Cheri” in Arezzo. This past Saturday in Firenze (Florence), we found a gelato place my friend Chelsea’s dad had insisted we find and try and it turned out to be the same gelato place that was Kristen’s favorite her last time in Firenze in high school, which she had also wanted to find! It also ended up magically being five minutes from where we ate dinner- just by chance. How lovely fate and lack of planning can be during day trips!

(PS. This is Kristen Wendt, one of the most wonderfully sweet and fun girls I have ever met! We have become quick friends and I am so happy to have met her. We will be going to Paris and London over Fall Break together with our friends Karli, Joseph and joining Jess and Holt in London. YAY NEW FRIENDS! =])

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